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The initial investment in the franchise is broken down into the following elements:- Vending Franchise

UK Vending Franchise Opportunities

TABOOBOO VENDING unlike other franchises available, do not charge an initial fee. This is because we believe that success should be shared and our income will be made in the future from selling refill products for your machines.

We have found through experience that running a Tabooboo Vending franchise is very straightforward and because of this, do not charge high fees for training, literature, and support materials that you will not use.

Therefore each new franchisee is given at our cost the following;

- List of Key target sites on your chosen territory
- Tabooboo literature templates
- Support manuals Tabooboo machines
- Basic training on machine filling, maintenance and servicing
- Receipt pads for visiting sites
- Site tracking spreadsheet

The choice of packages are;

Franchise Packages

Option 1) 10 x machines including stock / refill stock - £12,995

Option 2) 20 x machines including stock / refill stock - £ 24,995

Option 3) 40 x machines including stock / refill stock - £ 47,995

All options include;

- Exclusive 7 years rights to a large franchise area (auto renewing)
- Telephone help & support


How The Franchise Works

The UK has been split into post-coded areas and each franchise would have exclusive rights to their our territory. Each territory has enough high end bars and nightclubs to ensure that installing a minimum of 20 machines should be straightforward, and allowing grow potential for further machines.

Tabooboo Vending supply the machines and stock, together with a targeted list of the primes sites in your territory to be contacted. Once a site has been contacted and agreed to site a machine an agreement is signed with the franchisee and the bar/nightclub. This ensures that site will get 10% of the gross sales as a commission, ranging from 40-80p per sale. The remainder is your profit ranging £1.60 – £3.20 per sale depending on the product sold.


The franchise visits the site every 2-4 weeks, to replenish the stock, make a note of the products sold and change the batteries. If the outlet is open more hours and has high number of customers buying the products, you will find the sale of the products are higher. Over time you may always want to change the mix of products within the machine

Commissions due to the site are usually paid at each visit to help with cash flow and reduce paper work. The visits to the site should be agreed with the site in advance and should be a regular basis. The average time to cover 10 outlets (depending on distance) is usually no more than 8 hours a month, which can be spread to suit the franchisee.

Once established, your sales trend will allow you to order in advance of up coming demand. Orders are usually despatch in no more that 7 days from receipt.

All orders placed are on a pro-forma basis and payment is strictly in advance (due to the cash nature of vending, this not a problem). Payment can be via Bank transfer or cheque.



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